He popped the question and, of course, you said “yes!” With just a single word you have made one of the biggest decisions of your life. Now it’s time to move on and focus your energy on the second most important decision: your dress.

But how do you know what bridal shops are in your area? Or what their selection offers? Two words: social media.

During one of your routine Facebook and Twitter checks be sure to follow your favorite bridal shops! One little click will open your eyes to a whole new world. Following your beloved boutiques and bridal shops might grant you access to special discounts and promotions. You wouldn’t want to miss out on an easy way to score 10 percent off would you? Sneaky stores can offer special discounts for mentioning a post you saw on Facebook or their latest tweet, but if you are out of the social loop, you might miss out on an easy save.

Scrolling through bride-related newsfeeds offers another perk: a first glimpse at new arrivals! If a shop posts a “new arrivals” announcement, or, better yet, some killer photos, exclusively to Facebook and Twitter, you just won the golden ticket! Since you are lucky enough to catch a quick sneak-peek, you can snatch up the new styles and become the trendsetting bride.

            Whether you are newly engaged or crunched for time, shopping for THE dress is important. To ensure the best deals and designs, take the time to follow your favorite bridal shops on social media like Facebook and Twitter. By clicking one little button, you will have access to social media exclusive promotions and updates, as well as a heads up on new arrivals and styles. So login, click away, and good luck!