The second biggest day of the year: Homecoming. The dance that only comes second to Prom is a chance for girls to strut their stuff in the most perfect, epitome-of-style dress. You know what you are looking for, but the question is, when should you start the special search?

With Homecoming only two months into the school year, you mustn’t doddle. A few weeks into the new school year, go for a quick run through of the large retailers. This will allow you to see what styles you do and don’t like so you can rule out any negatives. Chances are, you may find a dress you like, but hold off on purchasing. Tons of girls will flow through those doors looking for their perfect dress, and you don’t want your dress to be sharing the spotlight with its twin, right? Use this trip just to get a few ideas; you will be able to find more one-of-a-kind dresses later in your search.

With no less than a month before the big day, hit the ground running and find your dress. With a wide time span between the days you purchase your dream dress and the day of the ball, you will have plenty of time to go to fitting appointments, accessorize, and create your perfect look.

Another perk of buying a month early is that you will have the best selection of styles, sizes and colors to choose from. If you wait until the last minute to dress shop, you may be out of luck when you realize the store doesn’t have the dress you like in your size or it would take too long to order.

If even after finding that unique, exclusive dress you are concerned that a showdown of “who wore it better” will transpire, don’t worry! To be positive that only you purchased that style and color, register your dress to your school when purchasing it from CC’s Boutique.

Always be keeping an eye out for “the one”, but be sure to kick the search up a notch when the big day is a month away!