So you recently got married and now you’ve got a $1,000+ wedding dress collecting dust in your musty closet. There is a remedy to this whole musty dress dilemma. There are plenty of options available to you, the most obvious being clean it and preserve it.  If you’re not exactly sure what you want to do, storing your dress is the best bet; your dress will still be in good condition for whatever you eventually decide to do.

Many brides hold on to their dress in the hopes that one day their daughter would wear it or use it in some capacity. Other brides like to give back and will choose to donate their dress to a cause or organization. Still, many brides choose to sell their dress either to a shop or directly to a bride-to-be.

If you would like to wear your dress again, the possibilities for reinventing it are limitless. Many brides choose to redesign their dress by dyeing and/or cutting it into an outfit that can be worn for other occasions. If you enjoy arts and crafts endeavors then you’ll find many uses for your wedding dress. Using fabric from your dress for scrapbooking projects or to create pieces of jewelry (bracelets and necklaces) can be creative ways to incorporate the sentimentality of that special day into every day.

For those with a bit more money to splurge, putting your dress on display is another option. I think this choice would be more popular for the rich but hey, maybe after spending $3,000 for your dress you just want to look at it and revisit fond memories as you pass your den, who knows.