Because of the basic traditions of a wedding day, you might not get to show off your true personality. After society’s version of a dress and a compromise with the groom on the wedding theme, you really only have your shoes, hair, and jewelry to give a little dose of that inner-single girl. Chances are you will take longer picking out a hair style than you would your shoes or jewelry. It’s all about the hair.

The length of your hair can sometimes be a challenge if you have a heavy veil or if you wanted to do something full, but sometimes embracing your natural look is best. For instance, if you have a short bob and bangs, don't change up your look too much, just curl the ends under for a chic look. If there isn’t much you can do in the way of length, why not add a tiara or crown to your simple do?  Is the climate a concern for your outdoor wedding and your hard-to-work-with hair? Try a tight twisted bun, which looks chic and sleek, and can withstand any weather conditions.
Pinterest features a plethora of unique braid designs. A fresh and cool braid offsets an ageless ball gown. A braid can make the whole style look edgy. If you are in search of the old-Hollywood movie star look, try Veronica Lake-esque waves. These sexy, dramatic waves scream beauty, glamour, and sophistication for any special occasion.