Although the year is 2013, more and more couples are traveling back in time and channeling a vintage vibe on their wedding day. With thousands of ways to accessorize and decorate, which factors help create the perfect vintage theme?

 First thing first, color. When hosting a vintage soiree, be sure to stick with light shades of colors ranging from anything like pink to green, yellow to blue and orange to purple. Pastel colors soften the look and feel and will allow you to integrate little touches of color in every aspect of your wedding without overwhelming your guests.

Vintage means old, right? Wrong! It means antique. Go shop around your local thrift stores and search for any antique furniture and picture frames that you could steal for a bargain. These statements pieces will add the perfect oldies touch, as well as picture perfect opportunities. Paint an old sheet to use as a background for a high-backed chair setting and hang some unique, colorful picture frames for funky borders in a fun photo shoot.

Light and airy dresses are another vintage style essential. Your bridesmaids will not only look stunning in whimsical soft, pastel colored dresses, but the dresses will bring your theme full circle. Whether the dress style is long or short, a flowing skirt will move in the breeze and enhance the romantic feel.

Centerpiece central: flowery accents and old wooden decorations are not to be overlooked. With a hint of an old country feel, rustic and faded wooden boxes offer a fresh and natural decoration. Add some flowers, a touch of lace and your vintage theme will be effortlessly situated all throughout your wedding.

Vintage weddings encompass one word: simplistic. From dresses to decorations, the light and laid-back atmosphere will let your vintage theme steal the spotlight.