Brides are moving away from the typical white and ivory wedding shoes and moving on to brighter and bolder things! One of the best ways to express your personal style on your wedding day is through your choice of shoes! There are endless amounts of options out there and all of them can help you stand apart from the crowd.

The idea of colored shoes with a wedding gown is bold but it will certainly add a pop of excitement to your bridal gown. Most people wouldn’t think to pair their wedding dress with colored shoes but more and more women are getting familiar with this. And we all know that the perfect pair of shoe completes a woman’s overall look.


There is nothing that will turn heads more than seeing a peek of bright colored shoes beneath that long gown. All different colors have been peaking under those gowns lately, but the color blue seems to be on the top of the list this season!

It is understandable why you might be hesitant with this one but be the one to be different, especially on your  special day! There is a perfect style out there for everyone, but know matter what you choose let the shoes do the talking!