Looking for a way to energize your wardrobe, but you hesitate to buy a whole new one? Consider adding a little metal to what you wear. Studs and spikes are showing up all over the hottest designer collections. You will see them on traditional pieces, such as leather jackets, bracelets and boots. They will also be showing up in unusual places, such as on scarves and shorts and sunglasses. You can find some silver studs on a pair of leggings or buy a tank top with spikes that trim the collar.

Get in touch with your inner biker chick or rocker girl by dressing in all spikes and studs, or keep it simple and add a little bit of metal to accessorize something more conservative. You can wear a basic black dress that is both professional and elegant and shake things up with a pair of tights that show off a line of studs up the back of your legs. Or, introduce a surprisingly metallic element to a simple white blouse tucked into some dark fitted jeans by throwing on a studded headband and wearing sunglasses with attention-grabbing spikes.



This trend is showing up in especially creative ways on footwear. We don’t just mean biker boots, either. You will find a diverse collection of flats, stilettos and even sneakers and athletic wear that include spikes and studs. Some of them are even shaped like skeleton heads. Have a little fun with what you wear.