Statement necklaces have been becoming increasingly popular in the world of fashion from everyday-wear to even bridal-wear. These necklaces are practical when trying to figure out ways to spice up your look. Perfecting your wedding evening involves mastering a desirable look that will indeed make a statement, and a statement necklace will definitely do the job!

For weddings this trend is an easy way to stand out and transform a simple dress into a fabulous look, just by adding one single piece! The statement necklace is a perfect accessory to pair with a sweetheart neckline or a strapless neckline gown because of the way it will flatter the area around your neck. The statement piece becomes the focal point of your look so a simple gown would work best.

There are many different styles you can choose from, whether it’s a colorful piece or a classic metallic necklace. If you are feeling rather bold, go with a colorful necklace to instantly liven up your whole look! If you desire a simpler look without pops of color, a classic silver statement necklace will suffice.

Don’t be hesitant to dive into this trend because you will not be the only one seen with a statement necklace! There are so many different styles to explore so finding a necklace that suits your personal style won’t be a hassle. Be prepared to turn heads with this wedding trend!