Pronovias offers six beautiful collections and you are sure to find the perfect gown for your big day. The collections are Fashion, Costura, Glamour, Dreams, City, and Atelier Pronovias.

As inferred by the collection’s name, the Fashion collection offers an assortment of gowns that can be red carpet to aisle ready in as easy at one, two, three. Mermaid skirts, light textures, and a myriad of necklines are just a few of the stunning elements found in this collection. The gowns are simple, yet elegant, and each is a little different than the rest and they are created from beautiful chiffon, tulle, and other simple and sophisticated materials.

The Costura collection offers brides a bit more drama in the skirt. A-line skirts, real satin, and rich embellishments make this collection fit for a princess. The gowns offer the bride that fairytale feeling without overdoing it. The chic and modern twist on an old story is a breath of fresh air, and that is exactly what this collection offers brides.

Glamour is where the unexpected is waiting. Whether you are flaunting a frilled a-line skirt, appearing modest and sexy with a low-cut tulle jacket and three-quarter sleeves, or rocking the gown with the asymmetric neckline to match your slightly different personality, the Glamour collection is sure to wow you. The different styles, fabrics, and details make this collection diverse, just like all brides.

Imagine yourself floating on a cloud. It isn’t just a dream; it is the Dream collection. The voluptuous bottoms of these dresses will leave people in your wake in awe as you float past them. Each gown offers a different style of ruffles that accentuates the gowns, and the bride’s, silhouette.

The City collection brings the fun, sexy energy of the city into your dress. The simple and figure flattering silhouette will hug your curves and let you flaunt them with ease. The dresses are very similar, some with the same beading or shape, but the bride will be sure to make it their own.

Finally, the Atelier Pronovias collection is where they keep the cream of the crop. To put it simply, the gowns are masterpieces. Each one is unique and worthy of five stars. The simple elegance displays a romantic, yet fun, vibe that every bride will want to embody on her wedding day.

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