Spikes and studs provide instant grunge appeal to any ensemble and this season it’s in full effect. As the cold season comes upon us, take the opportunity to explore grunge-inspired winter gear that will jazz up your holiday look.  Since the 70s, rock-inspired designs, i.e.: studded leather clothing, have seen the landscape of fashion change.

The spike studded leather jacket is the epitome of rocker style and every fashion forward “rocker” should have one in their clothing arsenal. While out on that shopping spree, look out for blouses and jeans that feature studs or spikes, trè chic! Most often these metal pieces come in a gold, black or silver finish, if you’re feeling really bold you can mix finishes to create a look that exudes confidence and indifference.

The key to achieving rocker chic appeal is to use pieces in moderation. Too many studs and spikes and you’ll look like an overzealous home bedazzling project gone awry; we don’t want that. It’s important to keep studded clothing to 1-2 pieces in your outfit and for it to be balanced out by understated pieces like a simple pair of jeans or something similar.  


Studded or spiked accessories are a fun way to play up punk styling. From spiked earrings and bracelets to topnotch studded shades, you can rock that look and have fun. Belts, clutch purses or oversized bags are all obtainable with studs/spikes and these accessories come in a variety of colors to fit your personality and flare.  It’s undeniable that slipping into a studded selection brings out the confident, reckless essence that we all carry, let yours loose this season.