Every bride has a vision of what they want their wedding to look like, but every bride is different and modern times have opened up some less than traditional options. While Julia Roberts may have enjoyed the fluffy, ruffled, Pepto-Bismol pink dresses, today brides are more conscious of the comfort level and body type of each bridesmaid in their party. So, do your bridesmaids need to wear the same dresses?

Matchy-matchy dresses are ancient. Weddings in ancient Rome required at least 10 witnesses at one time. Their wardrobe consisted of clothes similar to that of the bride and groom. Historians claimed this would ward off evil spirits. Today, we would wear whatever the bride ordered to us to so we could avoid bridezilla.

Even though dresses don’t need to match there are “rules” that will help keep a mismatched bridal party complimentary to the rest of the occasion. The bridesmaids dresses should match the wedding colors in order to keep the attention on the bride. Brides should also set a number of guidelines in order keep it somewhat uniform. Request the same color and same type of fabric to keep the party from getting too crazy and flashy, which will keep the photos and the bridesmaids looking good.