Women have always looked stunning in corset dresses. Add in the corset bodice dress and it can’t get much better. I mean, who doesn’t look amazing in it? It is simply one of those styles that work for many women , regardless size and shape. And now this style has taken on a new look, the sheer lace corset bodice. 

If you have previously seen the gowns or heard of them, you may have heard the controversy surrounding them. Some people believe they are “too revealing” for a wedding dress, while others are absolutely obsessed with them.



The sheer lace adds an edge to the dress similar to the popular mesh cut outs, but in its own way. And what’s so wrong with a little sheer appeal in a dress? It’s definitely in right now.

If you just can’t help but adore the sheer lace corset bodice, but it is too much for you, you have an alternative. To fix the problem of revealing too much, you can simply add a sheer piece of fabric lining underneath the lace to cover your skin. And if the edginess of the lace was what made you fall in love with the dress in the first place, have no fear. Pick a different toned lining like a neutral or beige to place underneath. It will really help the lace pop with out losing the femininity you fell in love with.