History repeats itself, and so do fashion trends. Do you remember wearing ruffled clothing as a little girl? Well those ruffles are back. Even if you don’t have a girly-girl style, it is hard to resist ruffled skirts this season. The texture, layering, and structural shape give a typically simple piece of clothing a fun and playful twist for the summer. The layers and fun texture can be dressed up for any occasion and can be worn anywhere from brunch to a dressy cocktail party.

Ruffles give you a feminine shape if you are a little on the flatter side, or hide a little bit of extra baggage if you are a bit curvier. Pair a ruffled skirt with a simple top and a strong silhouette to add contrast between style and shape. Wearing a fitted top with the voluptuous skirt will really define your hips for an illusion of the ideal hourglass shape.

So if you are looking for a fun piece to put in your closet to be girly and flirty for summer, consider investing in a ruffled skirt. Structured statement ruffles have been seen all over the runway this Spring, and look like they will be carrying on into the summer. Start off the season on the right foot and wear a detailed ruffled skirt at your first summer social event.