Rihanna’s new fashion line River Island collection collaborated with designer Adam Selman isn’t for the faint hearted or conservative. The pieces in the collection are graphic and bold, offering cropped tops, high slit dresses and skirts, and overall dresses. The provocative River Island set has made a stir in the fashion community and has become a controversial collection overnight, offering clothing that offers a unique look and is still wearable for everyday use that won’t break your bank account on one hand. On the other hand, some consider the collection a bit too revealing and not original enough to make a good impression.

Personally, I am not a fan of the majority of the pieces in Rihanna’s new collection. Open netting knit t-shirts and skirts with slits so high they show your hoo-ha doesn’t strike me as appealing wear that I would be compelled to purchase.

Although a majority of the collection is a bust, there are a few pieces that are interesting and sexy, while still being tasteful. The River Island Jumpsuit is a navy blue jumpsuit, which cinches at the waist and is adorable and would look flattering on any figure. She also features a few little black dresses for a night out on the town that any girl would be willing to wear with their sexy cutouts and dangerously low backs. They are cute for a night out and are flirty without being obscene.

Overall, mixed feelings are circulating on the subject of Rihanna’s new collaborative collection with Adam Selman. It is a collection that is worth exploring if you are into a funky and revealing style.