Nothing is more embarrassing and disappointing then working hard to find the perfect outfit for a dressy occasion, only to show up having a twin with an identical outfit already there. If you have an event that you will remember for the rest of your life, like a high school prom, it would be nice if you could ensure that your dress is a unique one of a kind.

Want to avoid that embarrassing moment when you show up to a school dance matching three other girls there? Seem impossible? Well, the impossible is now possible. If you buy your dress from CC’s Boutique this awkward situation can be prevented. When you find your dress at CC’s boutique, before you purchase it you can look up your school and see if any other girls have purchased the same dress from CCs Boutique.

The CC’s boutique website will monitor and keep track of the purchases of all the girls who shop at the store and attend your school to ensure that your dress will be one of a kind. So next time you need a dress for a school function, buy it through CC’s boutique and make it a great night to remember.