Looking to do a big switch-a-rue after your wedding ceremony so you can be a little more comfortable at your reception? You are not alone! More brides are opting for a grandiose ceremony dress while then slipping into a shorter, more free-to-shake-it reception dress.

Wondering what makes the perfect reception dress? The answer is simple: whatever you feel comfortable in. It is your day! You can wear whatever color, style, and length you want! The most typical reception dress falls anywhere from just or below the knee. The style is up to you, but the majority of reception dresses are soft and whimsical. You want to be able to move so be sure you like the fit of the dress.

Who needs white? Don’t be afraid to wear a white dress for the ceremony and then change into a colored dress for the reception! If you fall in love with a short, colorful dress, wear it to your reception! Don’t think of what people will say. They are there to celebrate your day and want to see you happy. So shock them by coming out in stunning ball of color and show off your legs! You will be glad you went with a dress you loved instead of staying in your white ceremony dress.

The reception dress can also be more upscale. It can be modern, vintage, white, ivory, red, purple, lace, patterned, solid, or whatever else you can think of! This dress will help you make memories so whichever style you chose just remember that you want to be able to move and that your wedding pictures will last you a life time.