One of the best but most difficult decisions a newly engaged couple has to make before they tie the knot is whether or not they’re going to hire a wedding planner to take care of every last detail of the wedding. There’s a lot to know, and these professionals can make sure your big day is everything you two imagined – and within your pre-determined budget. But like many other big decisions you’ll be making at this time, choosing to hire a wedding planner is one you should take time to think about before you say yes.

 Hiring a professional may be a great decision for you if you have a lot of great ideas, but don’t really know how to execute them. Location, time, food, guests, decorations, music – all important parts of the big day. But it can be daunting putting the pieces together. A wedding planner can organize all that by recommending bands and caterers, scouting venues and keeping your tables organized. You will have more time as a couple to focus on the big picture instead of the small details that can make the process stressful. Planners can also work with you on a budget and make sure you stay where you want to be.

 However, hiring a planner is not for everyone. The first – and major – downside to seeking out a professional is the cost. The wedding itself is expensive, so hiring someone to plan every detail is going to add to the overall cost. Others may be very concerned with the details and uncomfortable letting someone else plan special moments that should be theirs to plan and remember.

 The best thing to do is discuss with each other. Keep in mind these factors and your big day will be exactly what you dreamed.