Recently, New York Fashion Week wrapped up its beautiful ensembles and gave us a full preview of runway fashion taken to the next level. This past season showcased looks of ladylike elegance, with a funky twist. This event running all week long upped the energy in New York City even more than before—Fashionistas from all around hit the streets in their most fabulous outfits,  then sat back, and enjoyed the show of inspiring collections from our favorite designers. 


Runway Reports

The featured designers never seem to disappoint, but there are a couple of designers that truly impressed us, to say the least. Designers, Kate Spade and Donna Karan wowed us with their classic yet versatile pieces. As usual, Kate Spade was able to show off her girly and eclectic style showcased by her pieces. Bright pink and splashes of other colors were seen all over this designer’s runway collection, adding that extra element to the preppy line. Donna Karan, a well-known designer, did an outstanding job adding a twist to the classic wardrobe we typically see. She added “cape” elements to many pieces in her collection. The “cape” style acted somewhat as a drape, adding movement to the outfit. 





There were many distinct trends that were introduced, many of which we’ve never seen before! Mixing bold prints, patterns, and textures, putting together eclectic ensembles seemed to be the main trends on the runway.


1. Prints/Patterns

Seeing the variety of prints and patterns that the designers came up with were astonishing because of how unique they appeared to be. Mosaic prints stood out among all of the patterns because of the geometric shapes and vibrant colors that were incorporated into the outfits. Other prints we saw were floral, animal, plaid, etc.




2. Textures

Textures play a big role in runway outfits because it adds different features to the outfit that color or prints can’t do. Leather was a big hit, trend-wise and was mixed into a variety of pieces. We couldn’t bare but see other favorite textures such as velvet, fur, silk, and lace.