I remember I thought painting each fingernail a different color was really cool and different when I was growing up. Then came the bedazzled nails and shortly following, the different colored French manicures. But now, nail fashion has taken a whole new turn—its become mainstream.

From polka dots to swirls, we are seeing bright, bold colors both on and off the runway and it doesn’t just stop there. Not only are designers working to create new lines of colors to keep up with the times, but there are entire blogs and Pinterest boards dedicated to nail art. (I’ll admit I can’t do half of the hot designs that are out there, but I suppose that is why they invented the stick on designs—brilliant!) Let’s look at some of the trendiest nail art.

Multicolored geometrical shapes have been a big hit this year, especially the chevron. I don’t think this style is going anywhere, anytime soon.



Similar to the chevrons pictured above are repeated patterns like hearts and lines. I absolutely adore the “nautical nail”.



Another big hit this year that can be done in practically any color scheme are the hand painted flowers. Adding a jewel or two really brings out the feminine side.