Throwing the bouquet, the first dance, and feeding each other cake are all classic wedding traditions. You might even find yourself signing the marriage license with a photographer standing nearby, but what that marriage license says might be a little different than what it used to be. Traditionally speaking, the woman changes her name and 50 percent of Americans says they should legally have to make that change.

Most women still make the change, but some of the more modern brides will hyphenate their name to keep a little of their identity. However, there are a few choice women who stand their ground; and with them comes a few grooms who just might take the trip to the DMV to get their license changed. Maybe he does it not out of principle, but on the more simple thought that her last name is unique, easy to spell, and easy to say. Perhaps he likes the order of his initials better with her last name, or maybe it would make things easier once they had kids?

This has been become more of phenomenon over the last five years. California has been considering a legislature that will make it easier for men to change their surnames. Since then 10 states have passed similar legislations that give men the same ease as women when it comes to “taking their man card.”

On the other hand, some couples have gotten quite creative in making alternative last names. Men have made their wife’s surname their middle name, some have taken a maiden name from one side of the family, and some have even created completely new names using the letters from their old ones. The options may not be endless, but they are more modern than they used to be.