We have all heard the old sayings about what the bride should have on the big day, something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. Lately as the dresses and wedding day themes have become more modern so have the ways each bride incorporates these things into their outfit, up-do, accessories, and bridal party. Something blue always seemed to be the one to throw people off unless the color was incorporated into the ceremony, flowers, or a specific keepsake, but these days brides are walking the walk.

Blue shoes, in all shapes, sizes, and shades, are walking this year’s brides down the aisle. Recent surveys suggest that 41 percent of women prefer a bold, colorful shoe to the elegant nude, cream, or white colored pump.  Regardless, if you need a few inches to measure up to your bridal party or need to tone it down to keep your future hubby from shrinking in photos, there’s a blue shoe out there for you.  

Thin straps, thick straps, ones that clip, ones that tie, peep toe, no toe, flats, sandals, and stilettos; no blue shoe is the same and everyone of them really scream the personality of the bride. Some brides are keeping it sensible so the attention stays on the dress and some are going all out with blue sparkles and gemstones. Blue glitter added to the bottom of shoes has been a popular pin on the social craft database, Pinterest.