These days fashion is all about illusions. They make jeans with butt padding, shirts with chest padding, shirts and dresses that are short in the front and long in the back. Nothing is ever as it seems. The same goes for another popular craze, lace high neckline tops and dresses. Lace is all the rage all on its own; but designers have started using this vintage, sensual material to show a little skin without having obviously scandalous, plunging neckline. Lace isn’t just made for grandma’s table cloths or handkerchiefs anymore.

It’s been seen more prominently on the latest wedding fashions. Many high end designers have starting overlaying their sweetheart necklines with flowery lace to keep things modest. The same principle is applied to capped or even three quarter sleeves. The high neckline is a great substitute for jewelry, and could easily be changed to a soft pink or taupe color to give winter white an extra wow factor.

Dress codes in school and at work are making sure everyone keeps things on the down low, or rather on the up and to the neckline. Tops and dresses with a little extra coverage on top is a great way to keep things feminine and conservative. Many shirts are composed completely of lace to be worn as an overlay under a snappy suit. Cocktail dresses, bridesmaids dresses, and vintage tops are adorned with lace of all colors. Lace also gives designers the advantage of using silk buttons, ribbons, and hook and eye closures for an embellished look.