For many years Jessica McClintock had been a fixture at the International Plaza in Tampa. Young girls could find inexpensive party dresses quickly and easily in the small shop on the first floor. Even some Brides were able to find destination wedding gowns or inexpensive bridal gowns at the Tampa Jessica McClintock store. A few weeks ago we came into the International Plaza and saw big signs in their windows that said 50% off everything in the store…hmmm so we were intrigued…could they be closing??

CC’s Boutique has been in the prom, homecoming and bridal business for over 30 years and we hate to see companies close…Jessica McClintock offered a different type of prom dress, homecoming dress and even bridal gown than us. At CC’s Boutique we offer a great selection of prom and homecoming dresses by top name brand designers with lots of sparkle and bling, Jessica McClintock always offered a more simple option without all the bling. For the 4 years that we have been in the mall, we always suggested that girls go there to find the simple, less expensive dresses. Now, this is not an option as the Jessica McClintock store has closed.

CC’s Boutique is committed to our local Brides and teenage customers. We will make sure to think of you when we are shopping for our new inventory. We want to make sure that you still have a convenient location to shop and find the perfect dress for your special occasion…no matter what it is.

If you shopped at Jessica McClintock, Tampa location we are sorry to say that she is Closed, but we are happy to meet you and help you find the perfect dress for your event.

Jessica McClintock Closed two weeks ago. Shop today at CC’s Boutique. CC’s Boutique has two locations. Our Tampa location offers prom, homecoming and bridal gowns. Our St Petersburg location offers bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride/Groom and Bridal gowns.

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