Sometimes with all the overwhelming planning of a wedding, it is easy to forget about the superstitions that surround the wedding. You must have something blue and something used, you must be carried across the wedding threshold, and it is considered good luck if it rains on your wedding day. While some of these superstitions are out of your control—it is considered good luck to find a spider in your wedding dress—others such as the “something old” and “something blue” can be just as important as any other detail of the wedding. So what is blue that would work for this occasion? Here is a few ideas

Blue Earrings

Rather you are looking for something that really stands out and shines like a pair of drop earrings, or something more subtle like studs, blue earrings are a great way to add blue to your wedding day.

Blue Veil

Wedding dresses on the runway this year are really turning up the color. If you want to add some pop to your big day, go with a white or off white dress and a blue veil.

Blue Hair Clip

If you want to skip the veil, you could add a touch of blue into the day by wearing a blue hair clip. It can be as little and unnoticeable or as big and vibrant as you would like.

Blue Flowers

This idea is similar to the veil. A blue bouquet might just be the perfect way to stand out on your big day.

Blue Shoes

Okay, this is now starting to get a little repetitive, but hey, you have options. Who doesn’t like those? If the veil or flowers are too much for you, consider wearing a pair of blue shoes under your gown. They won’t be as noticeable, but you’ll know in the back of your mind you are wearing blue.