Bridal fashions, like any style popular in the fashion world, must come from somewhere. But where? Let’s look at three icons that have greatly influenced bridal fashion.

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly is easily one of the biggest icons of her time. Not only has her style and beauty on the screen inspired fashion around the world, but Grace Kelly’s influence has reached into the wedding industry as well. While strapless dresses use to be a fad, we are seeing more sleeves and high necklines along with mesh and lace coverings inspired by the looks of the 1950’s.

Kate Middleton

Although Kate Middleton’s royal wedding is a few years behind us, her wedding continues to influence the weddings of today. Not only were replicas of her dress made globally, but her dress proved to be an inspiration for many other women. Since her wedding, not only has the train once again become a popular focus on a wedding dress, but so have many of the popular bridal fashions influenced by Grace Kelly: lace, mesh, sleeves.

Diane Von Furstenburg

I absolutely adore her. Not only did she give the fashion world the iconic wrap dress, but she proved to us that even if you don’t succeed, it can be worth trying again. When her fashion company took a nosedive in the 80s and the company was sold, Diane Von Furstenburg didn’t just give up. Von Furstenburg re-launched her label in 1997 and continues to be successful today, especially in the wedding industry.