Dress? Check. Cake? Check. Photographer? In the works. Need a hand with picking the perfect photographer for your big day? Here are some things that will help you capture the perfect vender.

Before you hit up Google for every photographer in town, save yourself some time and first decide on what style you want. Knowing if you want a documentary, portraiture, fine art, or a more edgy style will help you narrow the search results. The photographer will do whatever you want, but it is in your best interest to find one that specializes, or is the best at, the style you want. This way you know you will love your wedding photos, which will give you one less thing to stress about.

Once you decide on your style, enter research mode. Look at reviews, work samples, social media, and talk to friends and family about companies they might have used or have heard about. This way you cover all your bases and can make a more informed decision.                 

After you have chosen your top contenders, be sure to set up interviews. Make sure they are available on your wedding day. If they aren’t, ask if they would recommend anyone who has a similar style. During the interview process, be sure to mention your venue, your expectations, and your wedding style so that the photographer will easily understand what you are looking for.

Also, take a look at a few of their wedding albums. Don’t be afraid to be critical! You will be looking at your wedding photos for the rest of your life so you want to make sure that the photographer will perform exactly how you want. Get a feel for their style and what they are good at. If you see something you don’t like, make a note of it and if you hire them, tell them about it. Open communication is key to vender relationships.

Confirm with your photographer a few days before the celebration just to make sure all your ducks are in a row. Just remember to say “I do”, have a good time, and smile for the camera.