The big day may be a year away but it is never too early to start looking for your perfect wedding dress! Want to know a secret? There is the perfect silhouette for your body type that will push you past beautiful and into the realm of stunning.

If you are a pear shaped bride, embrace those curves with a skirt that hugs at the natural waist and then drops in an A formation. This style will highlight you most narrow part of your midsection and will not hug your hips or thighs. The best fabrics to compliment this dress style are duchesse satin and taffeta because they won’t cling to our body in places where you don’t want the figure-forming look. Thin spaghetti straps or a V-style neckline will help accentuate your upper body.

For a bustier bride, a dress with a scooped neckline will perfectly open up your face and your cleavage without revealing too much. If you are in love with the look of a strapless gown, opt for a sweetheart neckline, or one that has a slight dip. A straight across style would make your bust look even larger, so the sweetheart or dipped neckline will help you pull off the perfect look.