Would leaving a family pet out of your wedding be like leaving an important family member out? Guess what? You don’t have to. It’s becoming trendy for wedding nuptials to include family pets, most notably dogs, but cats and other animals can make their appearance as well, if the couple and/or wedding planner are flexible and creative.

 Canine and feline friends often take on the roles of ring bearers or they can assist the flower girl in her duties. These lovable friends can also be recruited for the bridal party wedding photos, decked out in bedazzled collars and leashes.

 Get inventive with including your family pets, even the non-talking variety (which might be preferred) can play a role in your wedding day. Let your pet lizard hold the rings on his tail or arrange a bowl of chicks as your pseudo bouquet.

 If your wedding will be a rustic affair it provides even more opportunity and flexibility for including friendly family pets. Have the bride stroll in on her favorite pony/horse or both bride and groom can! Take pictures among all of your beloved barn yard animals: sheep, goats and hens; moreover, use younger animals to symbolize the blossoming of your union.

 There are plentiful options and ideas to make the addition of your family pet original and memorable but especially sentimental. Perusing the web or talking with family and friends can help to stir up ideas to make your special occasion a momentous event in the lives of your loved ones. Good luck and enjoy the process!