Can someone say sparkle? New Year’s Eve may be eight months away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start looking for the perfect dress to wear while ringing in the New Year. Did I mention sparkles?

That’s right! If you want to look drop dead gorgeous on December 31st be sure to keep you eye out for sparkles. They are a fun way to dress up for the occasion. Your dress can be long, short, loose, or tight, just as long as it has sparkles. Everybody’s eyes will be drawn to you and your sparkly dress will help you make the night one you will never forget.

Be sure you are comfortable by picking a dress with straps. They can be spaghetti straps or they can be a little thicker, but no matter what style, straps will help ensure that you don’t have to keep pulling your dress up and fixing the girls every 20 minutes. You will be in this dress for hours, so you will be thanking your straps later.

Be a little different. Rock the long-sleeved one shoulder or bust out that cap sleeve dress. These styles aren’t seen as often as others, so when people see you for the first time they will be blown away. The unique styles of such an important night will make you memorable.

Choose your color wisely. Whether you want to stick to your normal color palette, or if you want to switch things up a bit, make sure to do it right. Pick one color and go all out. If you are picking a color of the rainbow, make it bright. If you are choosing white or black, choose accessories that pop or are natural tones that don’t take away from the dress or your natural beauty.

No matter which style or color you pick to flaunt on the big night, just remember that a girl’s number one accessory is confidence! Get out there and steal the spotlight. You want people looking at you, not the ball.