The essence of a honeymoon is for newlywed couples to “get away from it all” and celebrate their union in a romantic and care-free location. Often times, an exotic destination is just the ticket for celebrating the happy nuptials. Here is a list of just a few of the most popular rendezvous spots:

Hawaii: Hawaii is home to some of the most remarkable beaches in the world, from the black sand of Punalu'u Beach to the bustling active strip of Waikiki, there are plenty things to do and enjoy on these islands that dot the Pacific. A Hawaiian experience isn’t complete without experiencing the spectacle of the knife slinging, fire dancers of a traditional Luau, which is the cornerstone of Polynesian culture.

Greece: Being the birth place of western civilization, Greece is rich in culture and history. Take a stroll through the Acropolis and lounge in a white washed hotel nestled on the cliffside of Fira in Santorini. Take a swim in the crystalline waters of Mpalos Beach in Crete and bask in your union.

Italy: Italians will show you what relaxing is all about; sip on a caffè macchiato at a local café, traverse the streets of Venice and admire the wonderful blown glass trinkets they are so famous for. Stand within the halls of the Coliseum and marvel at the century’s old history that surrounds you and don’t forget to make a visit to one of their lush, powder sand beaches.

Caribbean Islands: Any one of the Caribbean islands- Jamaica, Babados, Grand Caymans, Bahamas, etc…will quench that urge for sun and sand with a relaxed tropical atmosphere. The feel good music of the Caribbean will keep you swaying into the wee hours of the morning… 

The options are endless so find your little slice of paradise.