The beauty of chiffon is that it looks good on everybody. This flowing, comfortable fabric can make you look black-tie ready without pinching, pulling or stretching. It feels soft and often looks transparent. Chiffon is a breezy, easy-to-wear material that can be found on formal dresses, such as wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses as well as more casual pieces. A short chiffon dress in the summertime is the perfect thing to wear to a picnic or any outdoor event. It will keep you cool and comfortable, and you will never have to worry about moving. The fabric moves with you, and there is nothing too tight or constrictive about chiffon.

Traditionally, a formal chiffon gown will include a fitted bodice that is often embellished with hand beading, crystals or other ornamental elements. Sometimes, the gown is cinched at the waist before it flows towards the floor in ribbons of loveliness and other times there is a drop waist or an A-line design, providing even more flattery for women with less than perfect bodies.

To get the best idea of how chiffon looks and feels, try on a dress made from this exceptional material. It’s delicate and lightweight structure makes it a great idea for hot summer months. You can use polyester chiffon or silk chiffon. The major difference is that the silk chiffon is more expensive and not made from a synthetic material.