Ever wonder how photographers can capture the most perfect moments in your favorite magazines? The lighting, the poses – it’s always perfect. Well, if you’re dying to hone your skills like the pros, here are a few fashion photography tips you might like.

  1. Direct with confidence. When you go into a session, know exactly what kind of shots you want. This will help you lead your photo shoot and keep the session moving smoothly. Also, make sure to prepare the location, props and clothes ahead of time.
  2. Study posing. A great way to familiarize yourself with posing is to browse through popular men’s and women’s fashion magazines. Take your favorites with you to the shoot to get the look you want.
  3. Save money and shoot at home. Renting out a studio can be very pricey. The next best thing is to clear out a room at home. This is a great way to control your lighting as well. On sunny days, try to take advantage of the natural light and use a light meter rather than the one in your camera, which won’t offer as precise a reading.
  4. Never stop shooting. Shoot whenever and wherever you are. When you stop, you begin to lose your creative vision and energy. You begin to second guess yourself. By shooting often, you’ll find out what style you love the most and what you’re most talented at. Always keep your camera ready.
  5. Work the angles. Photos instantly become more interesting when they’re shot from interesting angles. What would your photo look like from above? From behind the model? From the ground up? Try it out – you can’t fail.