Is it a Fake Prom Dress?

Buyer beware….we are hearing this statement frequently now because so many websites have popped up advertising Designer prom dresses at dramatically reduced prices.

Teenagers are being targeted by scammers. These companies have created websites to sell prom dresses that are knockoffs of the famous formal wear designers such as Jovani, Sherri Hill, La Femme, Tony Bowls etc. This is a dream come true for teenage girls. Designer prom dresses range in price from $300 - $750, which can be too much for some families to splurge on one night. We understand that our customers search the internet to make certain that they are getting the best price and in doing so find prom dress scammers.

As an authorized retailer for the designer prom dresses, CC’s Boutique is proud to only carry original designs and we set our prices based on the guidelines set by the Designer.

So, how do you know if it is a knockoff? If you search high and low and find your dream dress at multiple websites such as and they all advertise the same price, this is a dress that is an original not a re-creation. If you find it on another website for drastically less then it is a FAKE.

So, just how can they do this? These companies are located overseas, many inChinawhere they do not have to adhere to our copyright laws…so what do they do? They steal the images from the Designers and use those images to attract excited teenagers. As a consumer it is hard for you to look at the same picture on our website and on a scammer’s website and justify paying significantly more money for what appears to be the same dress.

I promise you, if a prom dress costs $500.00 at our Boutique and you find it online for $150 or $200 it is a FAKE. When you receive the dress it will be poorly constructed, beading will be different etc. And that is if you even get the dress. CC’s Boutique has been in business for over 30 years, and we hear stories each year from heartbroken teenagers that they have been scammed. Don’t let it happen to you.

Your parents have always told you, “if it sounds too good to be true, it IS too good to be true”.