Music can make or break a wedding reception so when you are deciding between hiring a dJ or a live band, here are some things to take in to consideration.

 Music Taste

Are you a little bit country mixed with some rock and roll? Do you enjoy classical while you are dining, but want to lash out to some heavy metal on the dance floor? DJs are able to bring a more eclectic mix of music to your reception while a band may offer a lesser selection. DJs are often willing to work with a music wish list you provide them as well.


What theme is your wedding centered on? If you are going for a traditional Spanish wedding, you may want to consider an 8-piece salsa band that will keep the vibe going all night. On the other hand, if you chose a more modern theme, a DJ may suit your need for some soft house music to surround the evening.


Many people don’t consider this as they make their decision. Space can be very limiting and trying to fit in a string quartet may be a little frustration. If you aren’t willing to sacrifice some dance floor space, a DJ may be your better bet.


Live bands tend to cost more than a DJ. It is really up to you how much you would like to spend, but remember, music is often one of the first things guests remember from your special night.

 And always remember, before signing the contract with either a DJ or a band, make sure to go and listen to them in person. If you aren’t able to, ask for a sample playlist and always request referrals from the last few weddings the band or DJ has played at. Talk to them as well about what your first song will be and make sure they are willing to work with your personal play list.