These days weddings cost upwards of $20,000. You would be surprised which odds and ends tack on the heaviest costs. For instance, fresh flowers for center pieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, and mother’s corsage can set you back $1000 at the minimum. However, due to the thriving community of Pinterest and other great craft databases there are plenty of ways to cut corners by designing and creating your own dream wedding. Here are a few do it yourself projects that will bring a personal touch to your wedding without sacrificing your honeymoon fund.

 The first thing all brides should consider is if they want flowers in their centerpieces. If not, there are plenty of beautiful arrangements that can be made with mirrors, bowls of water, floating candles, even seashells for a beach themed wedding. For brides that would like some flourishing bouquets you might want to consider hitting up the local craft store for silk flowers. If you can manage to select neutral colors there is a good chance you could incorporate them into your home décor or into a set of wreaths for your front door.

Linens can be very expensive to rent and not much use to you after the wedding. There is a chance that the venue will have house linens that are available to you for no additional cost. But in order to jazz them up it might be a good idea to invest in a little silk ribbon and a few yards of burlap. Burlap is a neutral colored fabric with great texture. Pair it with a ribbon that matches your wedding colors and wrap them around the silverware bundles. You can also print on burlap and use them as place cards or menus. Burlap could also be used as an alternative to ribbon around bouquets or to make boutonnieres

The best way to savor memories at a wedding is to capture your friends and family in pictures. It’s generally not something you’d like to skimp on, but you might be able to create memories with a DIY photo booth for everyone to enjoy. Check out your local thrift store for a few fun props for your guests to put on for the pictures. A simple background of a generic colored fabric and some white lights is elegant and organic. The white lights could be used for Christmas decorations later on. Finally, see if any friends have a Polaroid and invest in some film. Guests can take their photos home that day and leave some for you and your spouse to review later on. 

There are dozens of other crafts you can create for your big day. For instance, mason jars with floating candles to line the isle, stamp pads and a picture of a tree on canvas for your “family tree” guest book, making direction signs for a large venue using leftover pallets, and lanterns made from balloons and lace fabric to light up an outside dance floor. Most of the supplies you would need are available at your local craft store and can be made over the course of a weekend. The crafting can take some time, but that’s what bridesmaids are for.