Your wedding day is just that – your day – your big day that you’ve been planning and waiting for. It’s got to be just perfect even down to the very little details, like the guests and what you’re hoping they might wear to your wedding and/or reception. Some brides are unsure about asking their guests to wear a certain style to their wedding, but it’s completely acceptable and even welcomed. Your friends and family are there to make your day the best it can be. Just in case you’re nervous, though, here’s a great way to politely lead your guests.

 Use specific wording on the invitations, like “black tie” instead of “formal.” Many guests who have attended other parties or weddings will know that a black tie affair means men wear tuxedos and more formal gowns for women. The term “formal” can mean many different things to people.

 If your event is more casual, you can specify by saying “cocktail attire” or “black-tie optional.” You want guests to feel comfortable, but be careful with the word “casual.” This might yield outfits that are a bit too casual. Jeans are usually not appropriate unless there’s a theme. Khakis might be the most popular interpretation. These terms will help guide guests before the big day. One last thing to keep in mind is parents bringing their children. Some slack should be given to the little ones as they may show up in whatever they’re comfortable in. But at the end of the day, the outfits aren’t the most important part – you are. So enjoy, relax and have a great time.