Your street style will probably depend on the time of year you are stalking the city streets and the metropolis in which you live. For example, in London you might need a raincoat and boots. In Los Angeles, you’ll want sunglasses and maybe a sheer blouse worn over a bikini top. Take some tips from stylish celebrities, who don’t often get it wrong. Embracing a street style fashion means looking comfortable but chic, casual but ready to do anything at a moment’s notice; whether it’s a sushi lunch or a day at the beach.


Start with something basic for your foundation. This might be a pair of stretchy leggings, skinny jeans or a simple black dress. Pair it with something a little more fun, like a brightly colored top, a jacket that hangs to the knees or stiletto boots. Don’t forget your accessories. Chunky jewelry, a headband holding the hair out of your face and a large bag to help you carry everything you need plus collect any treasures you may pick up during the day.

Major fashion magazines enjoy photographing celebrities with real street style. Actresses, models, reality television personalities and even athletes often make the pages of any hot magazine because they know how to put together a look that balances hot and cold, trendy and classic. Pick a street style that works for you and your climate and your city, and wear it proudly.