Brides who expect personalized help in choosing and trying on their potential wedding gowns will feel comfortable and catered to when they visit CC’s Boutique. For over 30 years, the professionals in this bridal shop have measured brides, altered dresses and helped anxious customers choose styles, fits and fabrics that work the best with their bodies, budgets and personalities. The staff at CC’s Boutique is well-trained, and each bridal stylist takes the time to talk to her customers and talk about how the right wedding gown can complement the bride’s personal style.

The staff at CC’s Boutique works closely with designers so they understand how each gown is designed, put together and worn. Brides can find over 500 gowns in stock, and instead of sifting through every single gown, they can rely on their bridal stylist to pick out the best selections to match what they are looking for. If you’re not ready to dress yourself for a wedding yet, but you need something special to wear to a formal occasion, check out the gowns at this high quality boutique. There are over 1,000 prom gowns alone, and you can also find something for a black tie event, a bridesmaids dress or a mother of the bride gown. Find the right dress; the one that speaks to who you are and who you strive to be, with the help of the brilliant professionals at CC’s Boutique.