There are many ways to make your wedding nuptials a one-of-a-kind event and recent trends have seen the re-emergence of brooch bouquets. Brooch bouquets are custom made pieces that bring a vintage appeal to any wedding day and will enhance the splendor of the occasion.

 Designing your bouquet to complement your theme and style will get the creative juices flowing and may inspire other aspects of your wedding day. Rustic, classic, and whimsical styles are easy to envision with the variety of brooches and jeweled pieces that are available to you. You can visit thrift stores, arts and crafts shops or the jewelry boxes of friends and family to gather spectacular pieces to add to your bouquet.

 Unless you want an explosion of color, several considerations should be made when picking pieces for your bouquet arrangement. Color and finish are obviously the most important elements of a brooch bouquet. Colors should (in theory) complement your wedding theme. You can choose as many colors as you like but if you don’t want it to look too busy or rustic stick with a color palette, for example earth tones or pastels OR choose varied shades of a specific color.  

 With metal being another facet of the arrangement, decide on a primary finish of either gold or silver. Doing this will create a more sophisticated appearance to your bouquet. Different sized pieces should also be incorporated to create dimension and variety. Of course these are just suggestions and you can use them to assist in choosing and arranging a brooch bouquet that will enhance the overall visual of your wedding party. Consider brooch bouquets, they are timeless pieces that won’t wither away and they could become a family keepsake.