Nothing makes a friend happier than when they get the pleasure of being a bridesmaid, except maybe when they get paired up with a cute groomsman. But what they tend to have nightmares about are ribbons, bows, ruffles, and polyester colors. However, modern brides are taking into account that each individual maid has their own style and are trying to be as accommodating as possible. Thankfully fashion designers are well aware of changing trends and have adapted a number of styles to appeal to all body types and fashion styles.

The one shoulder look really has everyone jumping for joy without having to worry about holding up their strapless bra. The trend gives the sensational look of a bare shoulder and the available comfort of support the “girls” through the ceremony, pictures, and the dancing. Lingerie designers are well aware that every dress is different and have fashioned several bras that can be worn with any dress. One shoulder tops work well with both long and short gowns.

While it’s up to each bride, a tea-length dress is ideal and the most popular today. This length works best with fluttery hemlines, layered fabrics, and bold colors. The dress length brings a both contemporary and charming style to each and every bridesmaid on and off the dance floor.

While a little bit more difficult to match, patterns are making a comeback as maids are walking down the aisle.  Patterned wedding dresses have been in vogue for a few seasons now, but mostly in floral. However, designers are branching out to include geometric and abstract patterns to appeal to the modern generations.