Well, it seems wedding season is upon us! And the most beautiful day of a girl’s whole life calls for the most beautiful weather of the year. So what are the trends trotting down the aisles and sitting around the most wonderful reception tables? Shoes! Shoes with glitz and glam, that is. A girl’s wedding dress is a direct reflection of her style and personality – and so are her shoes. There are hundreds of styles and colors, and there is something for every bride.

One popular style is a rhinestone peep toe pump. A nude heel with a little bit of shimmer is perfect for the big day as well as any events the bride might have after her big day. Since a high quality pair of wedding shoes has a tendency to be pricey, a good tip is to buy a pair that won’t sit in the closet or under the bed for years.

Another wedding shoe trend is a pair of colored satin strappy sandals with embellishments or gems sewn on. A flashy pair of shoes are great for artsy photographs before the wedding, and they provide inspiration for other details in the wedding, like bouquet charms, place settings, bridesmaids dresses, etc. The bride should stand out, so adding a little touch of color and shine has been a hot trend this season.

How about flats? Not down the aisle, of course, but for the reception when the music gets turned up and the dancing begins. Brides need to be able to have fun on the dance floor and not worry about tripping or blisters. Tom’s Shoes has glitter styles specifically for brides. They’re comfy, easy to move in, and a great choice to give back. They also come in a variety of colors. You can’t go wrong.