Picking out a dress on your own can seem like an impossible feet and for many, it is. For this reason, it is always smart to bring you’re nearest and dearest friends, but who should you invite and how many?

This is your big moment so you want to make sure that the group you bring is small and intimate. You don’t want the attention drawn away from you and you may get frustrated if there are too many differing opinions. When choosing which friends, think about whose opinion matters the most to you. Maybe it is your mother’s or your best friends.

The other people you invite, if any, should only be people whose opinion you value. Often times, “brides to be” feel obligated to invite a “soon to be” mother in law or a random bridesmaid, but these people least close to you are often the ones with the loudest voice. Avoid the aggravation by not inviting them, if you can. When somebody or multiple people are being too pushy, it is easy to become exhausted and need to schedule another appointment later. This is not to say you should expect to find the perfect dress at your first appointment, but it is much easier to find and try on the dresses you like with fewer people rather than a large group that is going to be suggesting dresses and accessories that may not even be to your liking or in your price range.

Keep your party small and make sure you speak to the group prior to arriving to let them know what they can help you with and what you are looking for.