Velvet is back! Yes, you read that right. Giorgio Armani revealed the fabric on the fall 2013 runways. From purses to tapered pants and even loafers and skirts, the fabric is making an appearance. And speaking of purses, Armani has refocused his attention on handbags-- away from the statement bags and onto smaller, more subtle bags. While the point isn’t to necessarily take the attention off the bag, it is more to lessen the attention the bag takes away from the outfit. Armani’s handbags for the Fall of 2013 will feature elegant details that still draw attention to the bag without making the bag the main focus.

The look he is really going for here is simplicity. The colors that dawned the runway were simple hues of ebony and white with splashes of lavender and blue. And this really shouldn’t come as a surprise with men’s wear featuring the same color palette.

This upcoming season, Armani is shooting for a line that reflects both the softness of women as well as the boyish style many women wore in the 1930s to reflect their liberation. After all, this is the designer who gave us the power suit, right? This mix of feminine and masculine continues in the Fall of 2013 with handbags shaped like small briefcases and cropped fluid pants that sit at the hip. It should be nothing short of a fabulous fall season for Armani yet again.