Skulls are very trendy right now, and if you want skulls done right you should invest in the Alexander McQueen skull scarf. It is a piece that has been around for years, but has recently made a raging comeback in the fashion world. The graphic print and contrasting colors the scarf is offered in make it a classic and timeless piece that is trendy right now.

The silk scarf is priced a little steeply, ranging between the price of $160-$295 per a scarf depending on the popularity of color, but the scarf can be worn in many different versatile ways that make it a piece that is worth buying. The scarf is a reasonable size of 104x120 cm so you can wear it in other ways rather than just wearing it around your neck. This piece also looks great if you want to use it as a headband, as a high-waisted belt for a jersey dress, or tie it around one of your favorite bags for a pop of color.

Alexander McQueen is a fashion icon, and his pieces are recognized for their quality, timelessness, and originality. The skull scarf is all the rage and is here to stay, so if you want to splurge a little, indulge in the trend and treat yourself to this awesome scarf!