Sadie Robertson Live Original Anyone that has shopped for an evening gown or a prom dress over the past several years knows that Sherri Hill is the top designer. Her keen insight into the dreams of teanage girls everywhere keeps her on the cutting edge of the fashion world. Sherri Hill selects only the best lace and beading. Her unique designs are sophisticated, fun, flirty and sexy. We could have never dreamed that the Sherri Hill brand could get better.

Well, this past weekend we were proven wrong. Recently Sherri Hill announced that she has joined forces with Sadie Robertson of the popular reality show Duck Dynasty. Sadie is the cutest 16-year-old with the mind of a mature business woman. I am sure that she gets her business savvy from her dad Willie and grandpa Phil. We are excited to announce that Sadie will join Sherri Hill in designing a youthful and vibrant collection for Prom 2014.

Of course, Sadie’s designs will be cute, fun and flirty with a retro flair after all she is a teenage girl.  Mom’s & Dad’s everywhere will also be happy. Each of Sadie’s dresses will have the appropriate “Willie approved” length. Teenage girls across the country empathized with Sadie while she shopped for her homecoming dress. Sometimes teenagers and parents don’t have the same idea when it comes to fashion. It can be a struggle to find the perfect dress. CC’s Boutique, Tampa will again be the best place to shop to find your prom dress and Yes, Prom 2014 is no exception. We are the number 1 Sherri Hill retailer and will again have the largest selection of Sherri Hill prom 2014 dresses.

Modern day fashion meets Red Neck Couture… Sadie Robertson’s Live Original collection is sure to be a huge success!!

 “The ‘Sadie Robertson Live Original’ collection by Sherri Hill.